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We are Mike, Tia, Sammy (black and white Collie rescue) and Cooper (brown Cocker Spaniel rescue) of 24 ~0~ Eight Properties, LLC; Sammy and Cooper make the offers and we sign since they can't hold a pen!  All kidding aside, we are dedicated to INTEGRITY and as EXPERIENCED investors, we are serious buyers that would love the opportunity to do business with you.  


Why choose 24~0~ Eight Properties, LLC? For starters, we have been in your shoes and we understand first hand that life can throw you all sorts of difficulties. The crash of 2007 left our home upside down without an option to sell, forcing us to take on massive credit card debt just to keep the mortgage payments going; it was a nightmare!  But it doesn't have to be! 


We started  24 ~0~ Eight Properties, LLC to help distressed home owners (just like we were) sell quickly, using cash and creative financing to get them top dollar!  When life happens, it's not your fault and the last thing you need is another stressor!  You just need a little help and we can help you; let us buy your house QUICKLY and with INTEGRITY.


Mike, Tia, Sammy and Cooper 

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